Note from this foundation
* This foundation is doing a unique activity, approving of the policy of the UNEP ( the United Nations environment Programme ).
When working, giving the name of the UNEP as a prefix, it gets preclear of the UNEP.

This foundation isn't using a UNEP name without the preclear absolutely.

Incidentally, the contributory activity by the UNEP name and so on, too, don't go.

Because there was a case to use the name of this foundation, we request note.

Also, as for LINK and so on, too, it carries approval on the organization - the individual with necessary preclear in the catch.

The greeting from this foundation

The foundation gathers volunteers as a volunteer group based on the idea that mainly nature in the undeveloped regions in the countries of Southeast Asia will be retained in future generations.

In Philippines, the Philippines Department of Environment and Natural Resources(DENR), the Philippine Department of Tourism, the Department of Tourism and Tourism of the Philippines, the Department of Tourism and Tourism of the Philippines, in the Philippines in 2009, Philippines, "Manila International Airport" "Cebu International Airport" "Davao International Airport" "Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources - Government Building First Floor Lobby" , Etc.

We held the "Environmental Photography Exhibition" in the airport lobby and facilities.
Our foundation aims to fuse "nature" and "science".

Even if nature is left as it is, it will degrade due to development and environmental changes in the neighborhood.

"How can we protect nature by making use of the power and equipment of science?"
I think that it is important for protecting the realistic and everlasting natural environment.

The remaining nature is now affected by disease as well.

We believe that we can save this crisis is a man with "ability to think" and "power of science".

 ◎ The Foundation is planning to send samples to each country free of charge for the spread of magnesium batteries by Pegasos Electra Co., Ltd.

We aim to realize renewable energy and we provide as much support as possible.

◎ In our foundation, with acquisition of the license of TMS Co., Ltd.,

We are asking municipalities and enterprises who can run trial operation of "Cosmo Cleaner" (provisional name · patent applied) of the near future future soil conditioner.>> Click here for details

  ◎ I changed the official logo of the Foundation.

I made candle nuts as images as a symbol of environmental problems.
In the margin, we made it possible to change the abbreviations etc for each campaign in a timely manner.


Three basic activities

The holding of an environment photographic exhibition

・It holds an environment photographic exhibition in the Southeast Asian nations.

The prevalence of the environment specialized magazine

・It does the activity which popularizes the published bulletin of the UNEP with the Ministry of Environment in the Southeast Asian nations.

The protection activity of the rare animals and plant

・It cheers the protection activity of " the animals and plant " which has the crisis of the extinction.

about contact

TEL03-5747-5566  FAX050-3737-0895
If there is an unclear point, first, consult casually. →contact by the e-mail