Basic knowledge on animal and plant protection

Protection of rare wildlife

Many wildlife in the world are on the verge of extinction due to development, foreign living things introduced by humans, overfishing, global warming, etc.

Approximately 20,000 kinds of plants and animals are listed in the "Red List" summarized by IUCN (International Conservation Union for Nature) as highly endangered species.

Many organisms are on the verge of extinction

Tiger, African elephant, black rhinoceros, giant panda ... Now, in the world, many diverse wild animals are in danger of extinction.

In what area on the earth, what kind of problems occur and what factors are driving wildlife?
It is not easy to know exactly that situation.
It can be impossible to fully know whatever researcher makes efforts, as it is impossible to reliably capture and understand the appearance of creatures living in nature.

However, it is clear that many wildlife has already decreased, even from limited information that we can know, and it is still increasing the degree of that crisis.

In 2012, IUCN (International Conservation Union for Nature) put together a list of 10,820 species of wildlife and 9,390 species of plants listed as highly endangered species in the "Red List".

This is as it is, it is nothing more than one aspect that tells the current state of the serious crisis where the current global environment is put.
Number of highly endangered species on the IUCN Red List as of February 2014
Near extinct species
Endangered species
Emergency species
196 447 500 1,143
198 397 713 1,308
reptiles 164 329 386 879
Amphibian 520 783 647 1,950
Fish 413 530 1,167 2,110
Invertebrates 832 957 2033


Animals total 2,323 3,443 5,446 11,212
plant 1,957 3,006 5,102 10,065
Other   9
Total number of all species   21,286

Wildlife conservation activities aimed at

Currently, about 20,000 kinds of flora and fauna are crisis exposed.
It is expected that there are still many creatures whose crisis has not been revealed, so this figure will become even bigger in the future.

Will human beings survive safely in such an environment that wildlife will not be able to live?Many wildlife in danger of extinction talk about various environmental problems that threaten the nature of this earth called the star.

That is the problem that we will leave on ourselves as it is.

Rather than seeing animals as mere welfare and pet targets, we must look to a bigger problem at the root of the crisis.
 [Via: WWF Japan

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