Foundation Information

Foundation Overview

name of the foundation Lemurian Natural Development Foundation (LEND)
Location at the headquarters 〒144-0052 5-32-8-301 Kamata Ota Tokyo Japan
Contact TEL:+81-3-3737-0895  FAX:+81-50-3737-0895
Advertise of the corporation It does by the way of carrying on the official gazette
Establishment date of the corporation 10 Aug 2010

Purpose  This corporation does the following business in domestic and the Asian countries to contribute to protect a natural environment in Asia.

@ The enlightenment activities about the natural environment            protection

A The knowledge popularization way about the natural                    environment protection

B The working-out of a regional plan - an environment                    program for the natural environment protection

C The research for the natural environment protection

D The holding of an exhibition and a lecture about the natural         environment protection

E The publication of the of the bulletin and so on public                 relations one about the natural environment protection

 The business which is necessary to achieve the purpose of this corporation besides

Chief Director   Tetsuya Murakami

Trustee  Katsuyuki Henmi
Trustee  Yuta Sakai
Trustee  Asako hashimoto

Director    Hiroshi vYamada
Director    Kazumasa Nakaya

Inspection      Miki Hirabayashi

Counsellor ( The outside the company ) Takasgi Namiki

Corporate Number

about contact

TEL03-5747-5566  FAX050-3737-0895
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