The UNEP ( the United Nations environment )?

 UNEP(The United Nations Enviromment )
United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP)

1.Eestablishment process

It receives and it establishes the proposal of United Nations Conference of the Human Environment which had " the irreplaceable earth " held in the catchphrase in June, 1972 Stockholm based on the resolution ( resolution 2997 ( XXVII ) ) of the General Assembly of UN in the same year as " Declaration of the United Nations Conference of the Human Environment " which was adopted by the said meeting and the organization to put " the environment international action plan " into the practice.


In addition to the headquarters in Nairobi, there are following six area offices.

Area office

 地域事務所名 所在地
Asia-Pacific Bangkok
West Asia Bahrain
Latin America, Caribbean Panama
Europe Geneva
Africa Nairobi
North Europe Washington D.C.

3.Activity Field

The UNEP does the United Nations activity - an international cooperation activity for the environment field.
It protects an ozone layer and the field which the UNEP treats includes many things of the harmful waste materials, the water quality control of protecting a marine environment, the chemicals management and the dealing with heavy metal, the prevention of the degradation of ground, the protection of the biodiversity and so on.
The UNEP contributes through the application ( ring a fruit handout alarm in the investigation about the global environmental problem, forward the working-out of an international environment treaty, each country service ratification, a domestic law and this be implemented in this treaty ) of the legal model which is the comparative-advantage for preservation - the improvement of the global environment to be realized.
On the other hand, to improve a global environment, it is a big problem by how the method of being specifically worked out in the developing country can create the environment that the concept is reflected in the development project, being implemented and being conformed in the developing country.
To cope with this status, as for the UNEP, it adopts " Bali strategy planning " the 23rd time in Administrative Council ( 2005 ).
The place to do the activity which concentrated the building of the ability of the developing country and a technology transfer ( the tool to have specified a specific technique and a procedure for it about Bali strategy planning ) about the deference of the rule and so on and to be attempting the inner reform of the secretariat at the same time


58 countries ( 4 of terms of office it elects in the General Assembly of UN it reelects a half every 2 years ) of our country are a management member of the council consistently since UNEP foundation.
( In the General Assembly of UN of 2009 years, it was elected to the management member of the council in 2010-2013 ).

 Area distribution

  • Africa: 16 countries
  • Asia: 13 countries
  • Eastern Europe: 6 countries
  • Latin America: 10 countries
  • Western Europe and so on: 13 countries


( 1 ) Administrative Council: It holds every 2 years in the best decision making body of the UNEP.
( 2 ) The Administrative Council special meeting appulse: It boils ( the year that Administrative Council isn't held every recent years ) where there is need and it holds.
( 3 ) The global ministerial-level environment forum: To discuss the important and new environment field, is ministerial-level and it holds every year.
Generally, it holds in Administrative Council, or the same special meeting appulse and on the same day.
( 4 ) Coreper: It composes by the country which places a diplomatic mission in headquarters Nairobi.
The meeting is done four times per at least year and does the side of the UNEP and an exchange of views.
As for our country, Kenya ambassador is a resident-commissioner.


The income consists of budget, environment foundation, trust fund and so on generally in the United Nations.

The secretariat management and the main business are catered for by the environment foundation and the income total sum with recent environment foundation is about 80 million dollars annually.

Because it depends on the arbitrary donation in most of the budgets, it always has the problem of the budget securing.

Our country donates about 2.96 million dollars to the environment foundation as 2010 budget.

7.Number of Staffs

 In December, 2009 present, the international personnel is 531.
In the meantime, the Japanese staff is 14.

8.General Secretaryl

 Erik Solheim


 At present, it is specified as the secretariat of various treaty ( Washington Convention, the Vienna Convention, Basel Convention, the Convention on Biological Diversity about the ozone layer protection and so on ) .

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