Contribute to the one to think of more.

 Our Foundation penform environment of pnotection activities in the Pillippines and its surrounding countries.

   To suppont our activity,we raise contributions both domestically and abroad.

   we accept donations by cash as well as by credit card.

 The mangrove tree-planting

Everybody's man power for the CO2 reduction..

To maintain nature now and then to leave in the coming ages.


2009年Manila airport
 The world environment photographic exhibition

It is the activity to tell the nobility of the nature to the local person through the environment photographic exhibition in each country by.


The Philippine San Isidro area
 OUTREACH Program 

The LEND staff and the local volunteer organization who distributes a food by Barangay in the San Isidro area

It distributes a bag of the putting a selection of 1000 foods in amount - meal of drinks in 2 areas


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