Activity report of a foundation.

The world environment picture exhibition 

  May, 22 2009

It boils each other in the World Environment Day and this foundation the Philippines branch implemented becoming at subjectivity's gang body in four places of " Manila airport " " Cebu airport " " Davao airport " " Department of Enviromment and Natural Resouces (DENR) lobby ".

The sponsorship was " the United Nations environment programme( UNEP ) ".

The Philippine people through this holding and it seems to come and to be possible for the foreigner excursionist with ratio, too, to feel the nobility of the nature widely.

In case of constructing a meeting place, it hit by Philippine branch staff total peoples of this the following of the foundation chief director, this foundation.

The outreach program
  May, 2012

In Barangay ( the minimum local government ) in the Philippine San Isidro area, under the cooperation of the Barangay staff, it provides 1000 bags of food sets.

It held on the same day by 3 areas of Barangay.
I feel wanting to do this activity by the continuation if realizing the request of the Barangay captain, too, but there is request in this foundation after reviewing in the sincere resemblance.


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