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Inc. T・M Quest Inc. ( it pretends to do TM ) Inc. ( since then ) puts up the design - the building - the maintenance - the check of the purge processor of water, air, ground about the environment and so on and the import and export sale by it to one of the descriptions of business but aiming at present is the development of " the polluted soil depurator " and commercialization.
It makes a polluted soil depurator in our country a heavy-armed and moreover, the plant type equipment ( the stationary-type ) is mainstream.
The equipment which plans commercialization by TM Inc.'s developing this time covers a plant type weak point and moreover, the portable-type present field assembling which can be adaptable to the purge of the small-scale land ( for example, it is a vacant lot in the small factory in town and the gas station ), too, possesses the equipment such as the resolution - the removal of the dioxine, and the dust, the best-tap which can be collected at the same time, vertical and facilitating operation.
It developed this product as the some help to stop the progressing global environmental destruction of the pollution but it makes it the specification for which it is possible to contribute for the soil improvement on the agricultural land in addition to the reconstruction, the improvement of the polluted soil, too.

The noteworthy matter

  • The patent has been acquired in the one with January 12th, 2007 by " the polluted soil depurator " ( the Quest 180 ) to plan to manufacture in the TM Inc. and to sell it.
    【 Patent No. 3902571 】Appl. No.
    The economical prayer 2003-270993 ( P2003-270993 ) filing date
    July 4th, 2003 ( July 4th, 2003 )
  • In December, 2013, it concluded this foundation and " the patent use assent contract ".
    By this, this foundation does the contact of other business organization.
  • The TM Inc. gets the approval of Tokyo Governor based on the regulation of Law for Temporary Measures article clause 4 3 about the promotion of the creative active conduct of business of the small businesses as " the development of the ground depurator which is excellent about the dioxine removal from exhaust gas and the portability, the commercialization ".
    The authorization day
    January 22nd, 2004
    The authorization number
    The number of 3545th of the Tokyo authorization, 15 industry quotient No. 786

  • The TM Inc. is the member of NPO corporation " the Akita-expressway place purge consortium " where Akita University becomes a center.

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