The greeting by the chairman

It entered in the 20th century and with the leaping development of the industry - the industry, it compelled to consume huge energy.

As a result, it polluted environment finally, to secure by mass consumption of the food, it made a wildwood agricultural land in the felling of a forest, the other and it pioneered.

It advanced a wildwood to each country, specifically the wild country endlessly to the pulpwood quantity and so on.

Then, in this century, the entering global warming became a result with bringing about the product of the environmental destruction which doesn't have usual in the past, too.

The eternity in the future, we know that it wants to leave no a natural inheritance on the earth in now thousands of years ahead, too, more without making it dirty.
The people in the world or we are the foundation which does the effort to continue environmentalism.

Also, in October, 2010, COP10 of the Convention on Biological Diversity decided to establish a merging-together foundation to this held opportunity.

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