Update Record
 2018.4.17Addition of a link

 2018.4.17It'll be 8th anniversary of foundation establishment this year.
I'll commemorate it and establish August 10 originally with Japan of REMURIAN.
I'd like to commend the enterprise, the group and the individual which work on environmental protection positively.

 2018.4.16A global warming prevention exhibition for May/22~25 In Tokyo Big Sight.
You can register with the following beforehand by access.

 2018.4.13April.22 is Earth Day.
The memorial day which was proposed as the day considered about global environment.

 2018.4.12A board meeting is summoned about a shift process to a foundation of public interests.

 2018.4.6We're applying foundation of public interests.

 2018.4.3We are home page of a foundation maintenance work.
I'm sorry.

 2018.3.30Global warming white paper.

 2018.1.7Happy New Year.
I'm wishing for everybody's health.
The chief director Tetsuya Murakami.

 2017.12.27This year's activity ends with December 28.
Activity is begun from new year January 4.

 2017.8.24Office move guide of under the top.

 2016.5.273 groups were added to LINK. (Mutual LINK)

God producer.
NPO corporation The ishinntai UNESCO club.
UN world animal relief support organization shizuki foundation.

 2016.5.15G7 Minister of the Environment meeting argue by an environmental issue "7 themes".

 2016.3.22World Water Day.

 2016.2.5Information on office move.

 2015.11.7< COP 21> Begin for 8 days by the Cabinet minister order meeting of preparations and Paris.

 2015.4.24World Environment Day 6/5-

 2015.3.3International female Day.

 2015.2.9For an introduction reception of "The fresh water dissociation from the seawater" technology with the Philippines DOST, Prof. Uchida <<Osaka University) enters the Philippines.
Our foundation staff and joining.

 2015.1.9Written proposal making of the seawater dissociation with the Philippines DENR.

 2015.1.5New year and activity starting.

 2014.9.26The explanation by which JETRO and JICA are seawater separation technology.

 2014.9.26The seminar implementation by which the Philippine Ministry of the Environment is a seawater separation and magnesium generation of electricity.

 2014.9.19LNDF Blog renewal

 2014.9.11Page of mangrove tree-planting is added.

 2014.9.2Seawater separation technology, seminar implementation appointment by the Philippine Ministry of the Environment.

 2014.4.9A link to an environment picture is added to the activity report.

 2014.4.2Under TOP, carrying of instructions.

 2014.3.24The sample shipping off which is MAGNESIUM LED in a UNEP.

 2014.3.21BLOG completion.
A daily a form of affair is by this.

 2014.3.12Foundation LOGO mark change.

 2014.3.10COP20 Reserve meet sparely at BON.

 2014.3.7Home page renewal.

 2014.2.21Corporation Pegasus Electra talks with President YOSHIKAWA and HONMA financial general manager.

 2012.4.1As a foundation translator volunteer staff.

 2011.5.1The second time of forestation at Davao

 2010.5.1Forestation is begun at Philippines country Davao city.

 2010.4.1Wendell D. Pacres is appointed to Cebu chief correspondent.

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